Saturday, February 20, 2010

Princess Gorguss

I wrote this tutorial on Feb. 20th, 2010. This is my own creation, using Scrap kit Lovingly Yours by Lady Raven. Any resemblence is only coincidental. Please do not copy, this tutorial in anyway.
§ Supplies §
♦PSP 9, (any newer version will do)
♦Tube of Choice. I used the Artwork of Suzanne Wolcott. You can purchase a license and the tube for one low price (do not use without license) HERE
♦PTU scrap kit Lovingly Yours by Lady Raven at Kreative Kreations HERE
♦Temp 5 by Toxic Desirez (scroll down, it will be on the right hand side under Templates) HERE
♦Font of Choice (not sure which one I used)
§ Notes §
This tutorial assumes you have a working, knowledge of PSP.
§ Lesson §
~Open Template, duplicate and close original.
Resize Canvas=Image>Canvas Size
800x800, floodfill white
Delete Copyright.
~On Lg. Rect. Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat.
~Copy Paper02 and Paste, resize 60%. Selections>Invert, delete. Add DS 0, 0, 75, 10.00, Black.
Ctrl + D, Delete Lg. Rect.
~Do the same for Med. Rect. using Paper 09 and Sm. Rect. using Paper 13.
~On Crown Do the Same, using Paper 01.
~Delete Dotted lines and SM. Hearts.
~On Princess Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat.
~Add New Raster Layer and floodfill with #ddbc4b. Ctrl + D, add DS & Delete Princess.
~Copy Flower 1 and Paste, resize 50%, Add DS and move to the Right.
~Copy FLourish3 and Paste, resize 70%. Move this above the Background layer.
~Copy Button3 and Paste, resize 10%, add DS. Move abouve Rectangle layers.
Duplicate the Button 3 times 9you should now have 4.
Put one in each corner.
~Copy Tree and paste, resize 30%, add DS, changing Blur to 5.00.
~Copy Tube and Paste, I resized my tube 70%, add DS. Make sure its under the princess word.
~Add Name, Copyright info., Crop and Merge Visible.
~Resize 400x300px and save as .png.
Thank You for trying another one of my Tutorials