Sunday, February 28, 2010

Me Want Man

I wrote this tutorial on Feb. 28th, 2010. This is my own creation using scrapkit Scrap Stone by MizzKitten @ Kreative Kreations Korner. Please do not copy this tutorial in anyway.
§ Supplies §
♦PSP 9, any newer version will do.
♦PTU scrapkit Scrapstone by MizzKitten @ Kreative Kreations Korner HERE
♦Mask HERE
§ Note §
This tutorial assumes you have a working, knowledge of PSP and all other elements.
§ Lesson §
~Open New 800x800 Image, floodfill white
~Copy Paper 002 and Paste, resize 20%.
~Apply Mask = Layers>Load/Save Mask>Load from Disk, use settings below.
~Merge Group
~Copy elements008 and Paste, resize 20%.
Add DS 2, -3. 50, 5.00, color #404040
Move to the Bottom Left.
~Copy elements 005 and Paste, resize 10%
Add DS, move to the right.
~COpy elements007 and Paste, resize 15%, Move this layer under Rastee 2. Add DS.
~Copy elements 017 and Paste, resize 15%. Move on to the tree branch. Add DS.
~Copy Elements 014 and Paste, resize 10%
Add DS, move this over the cave.
~Copy elements 002 and Paste, resize 15%. Add DS
Move to the left of the top of cliff.
~Copy elements 004 and Paste, resize 15%.
Place over cave womans hand.
~Free Rotate = Image>Free Rotate> Left 15.00. Both boxes unchecked. Add DS.
~Copy elements 001 and Paste, resize 10%.
Place in front of cave.
~Copy 022 and paste, resize 20%.
Place at the bottom of cliff.
~Copy elements 003 and Paste, resize 20%
Move this layer behind the cave layer
Add DS
~Open the Alphas
~Using you Freehand Selections Tool, set to Point to Point.
~Select out the letters to Spell "Me Want Man".
~Paste Each Letter and Resize 15%. Add DS, If you want free rotate them different directions.
~Add Name and Copyright info.
~Crop if Needed and Resize.
~Save as .png