Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love You Always

I worte this tutorial on Feb. 20th, 2010. This is my own creation suing I Don't Give a Scrap's "Dozen Roses". Any resemblence is only coincidental. Please do not copy this tutorial in anyway.

§ Supplies §

♦PSP 9 (any newer version will do)

♦Animation Shop

♦PTU Scrap kit "Dozen Roses" by I Don't Give a Scrap @ Kreative Kreations HERE

♦Font Al Sandra HERE

Mask, Tube & Bling HERE

§ Notes §

This tutorial assumes you have a working, knowledge of PSP and AS. All Dropshadow settings will remain the same 4, -1, 75, 5.00, Black.

§ Lesson §

~Open New Image 800x800, floodfill with white.

~Copy Paper 2 and Paste, resize 70%.
~Apply Mask= Layers>Load/Save Mask> Load from Disk. You settings below.

~Merge Group.

~Copy Wood Frame and Paste, resize 60%.

~Free Rotate= Image>Rotate>Free Rotate, use settings below.

~Using Magic wand, click inside frame.

~Expand=Selections>Modify>Expand 5.

~Copy Paper13 and Pastre, resize 80%. Selections>Invert, delete. DO NOT Deselect. Move this layer below the frame.


~Copy Tube and Paste, resize 60%. Selections> Invert, delete. CTRL + D.

~Add DS to frame.

~Copy HeartString and Paste, resize 40%, place in top left of frame. Add DS.

~Copy rosebunch and Paste, resize 40% and Add DS. Move to the lower right of frame.

~Copy Pods and Paste, move under the HeartDtring, resize 40%, Add DS.
~Add Name and Copyright Info. Merge Visible.

~Crop, if not animating resize 400x400px and save as .png.

§ Animation §

~Copy and Paste in AS.

~Hold down Ctrl and click L 11 times. So you will have 12 Frames.

This will show in the bottom Right Corner.

~Ctrl + A

~Open your bling and Ctrl + A

~Using Your mouse click and hold. Drag bling to your tag and Place were you want it. This is trial and error.

~Resize 397x406

~Save and your done.

~Thank you for trying another one of my Tutorials.