Friday, January 22, 2010


This tutorial was written on, Jan. 22, 2010. This is my own creation using Template by Toxic Desire and Scrap kit by Wicked Princess.
§ Supplies Needed §
♦PSP 9 (any newer version will do) HERE
♦Animation Shop HERE
♦FTU Template 24 (down right side of blog, under Templates) by Kristen @ Toxic Desirez HERE
♦PTU Scrap Kit called Simply Sassy by Wicked Princess HERE
§ Notes §
This tutorial assumes you have a working, knowledge of PSP and AS.
§ Lesson §
~Open Template and duplicate, resize Canvas to 800 x 800.
~Go to Lg. Star1. Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat.
~Copy Paper 18 and Paste. Selections>Invert, delete. Ctrl + D, Add DS -1, -2, 45, 6.00. Delete Lg. Star 1.
~Go to Lg. Star2 and do the same as above. Using Paper 12 and resizing 50%.
~Go to Rectangle, doing the Same as above, using Paper16.
~Go to Word Outline doing the same, using paper2.
~Go to WordArt1 and using Magic Wand. With these setting; Mode: Add shift, Match Mode: RGB value, Tolerance: 10, Feather: 0, Anti-Alias checked, Outside.. Click inside each letter.
~Add 3 New Raster Layers. Name them from top to bottom 3, 2, 1.
~Go to Foreground-Stroke and change to #e83769. Change Background-Fill to #fd97b4.
~Back to Foreground-Stroke, click on the Gradient tab. Look for Foreground, in the drop down menu. Change Angle to 35 and Repeats to 8.
~Floodfill 3, then X out.
~Change the Repeat to 6 and Floodfill 2, then X out.
~Change the Repeat to 4 and floodfill 1.
~Add DS to 1, 2, & 3. Delete WordArt1.
~On WordArt2, Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat. Add New Raster Layer and Flood fill black. Ctrl + D. Add Gradient Glow and DS. Delete WordArt2.
~Go to Stars & Heart. Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat.
~Copy Paper5 and Paste. Resize 70%. Selections>Invert, delete. Ctrl + D, Add DS. Delete Stars & Heart.
§ Embellihments §
(Use my Tag for Placement)
*Flower 1, mirror, resize 50%, Add DS.
*Glitter 1, 2 & 3. Placed Above Background.
*Bow5, resize 30%, add DS.
*Crown5, resize 25%, add DS.
*Flower8, resize 60%, add DS.
*Flower7, resize 40%, add DS.
*Sassy Girl poser, resize 65%, add DS.
~Add Name and Copyright info.
~If not Animating, Merge Visible, resize 402x221px and save as .png
§ Animation §
~Copy Merged, Go to AS and Paste as New Animation.
~Back to PSP, X out 1 and Un-X 2. Copy Merged. Back to AS, Paste after Current Frame.
~Do this with 3 as well.
~Make sure your on first frame. Ctrl + D. Animation>Frame Properties, Change to 25.
Resize 402 x 221px and save as .gif
Thank You for Trying my tutorial.