Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Is the Beauty of the Soul

This tutorial was written on Jan. 25, 2010. This is my own creation, using kit by JTsDesigns "In The Moment". Any resmblence is only coincidental. Please so not copy this tutorial in anyway.

§ Supplies Needed §

♦PSP 9, any version will do. HERE

♦BettyFreakMask1 & WordArt (if this word art is, please contact me, I want to give proper credit) HERE & HERE

♦PTU Scrap Kit by JT'sDesigns "In The Moment" HERE

♦4 Tubes of Choice all by the same Artist (can not mix other artists).

♦EyeCandy 5: Gradient Glow HERE

§ Notes §

All Drop Shadow settings will be 0, 0, 80, 10.00, Black, unless otherwise stated. This tutorial assumes you have a working, knowledge of PSP.

§ Lesson §

~Open Template, duplicate & delete copyright.

~Go to Mask layer. Selections>Select All> Float> Defloat.

~Copy Paper16 and Paste. Selections>Invert, delete. Ctrl + D, delete Mask.

~Do the Same with the Scroll, using paper20, add DS. Delete Scroll.

~Do the Same to the doodle.

~Copy Frame2 and Paste, resize 60%, Move to the left.

~Copy Frame 1 and Paste, resize 60%. Move to the right.

~Click inside each of the frames of frame 2, using magic wand. Selections>Modify>Expand 6.

~Copy Paper3 and Paste. Selections>Invert, delete. Ctrl + D. Move under the frame.

~Do the same with the oval frame, using paper5.

~Copy CornerBloom2 and Paste, resize 60%. Position on the left upper corner, of oval frame, add DS.

~Copy Sunflower2 and Paste, resize 60%. Position on the lower right side of frame, add DS.

~Copy Sunflower 1 & 3 and Paste, resize 40%. Place on top of Sunflower2, add DS.

~Copy Hummbird2 and Paste, resize 70%. Adjust>Sharpness>Sharpen. Adjust> Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise. Uniform, 41%, Monochorome checked. Add DS.

~Copy Envelope and Paste, resize 70%, add DS. Move to the bottom part of frames in the middle.

~Copy BlueCandle and Paste, resize 40%, add DS.

~Copy WordArt and Paste, resize 60%. Add Gradient Glow: 12.78, 35, 100, 30, 100, 100. Add DS.

~Add Tube to each frame. Click inside oval frame, using magic wand.Expand by 6. Paste tube, Selections>Invert, delete. Ctrl + D, add DS.

~Do the same with the 3 other tubes and the smaller frames.

~Add DS to both frames.

~Add Name and Copyright Info.

~Resize 400 x 400 px., save as .png

Thank You for trying my tutorial.