Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After The Rain

This tutorial was written by me, on Jan. 26th, 2010. This is my own creation, using Scrap kit by Brandie's Eye Candy. Please do not copy this in anyway.
§ Supplies §
♦PSP 9, any newer Version will do
♦Animation Shop HERE
♦PTU Scrap kit "After The Rain" (Posers included by ©LisaK) by Brandie's Eye Candy HERE
♦Mask17 by AquaRebel 315 HERE
♦Eye Candy5 (6 has the same effects): Impact, Gradient Glow & Nature, Water Drops HERE
♦Font of Choice, I am using Al Sandra. It can be found on Fonts101 HERE
§ Notes §
This tutorial assumes you, have a working knowledge of PSP and AS.
§ Lesson §
~Open a 800 x 800, Transparent Image and floodfill white.
~Copy Paper16 and Paste, resize 70%.
~Apply Mask, Merge Group. Duplicate Once, for a total of 2. Rename mask1 and mask2 (from bottom to top) X out 2.
~Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat.
~Apply EyeCandy: Nature/Water Drops with following Settings, to Mask1.

~X out Mask1 and Un X Mask2 and Change Random Seed. Apply to Mask2.
~Ctrl + D
~Copy Frame3 and Paste.
~Copy Daisy1 and Paste, resize 50%. Add DS 0, 0, 60, 6.00 (this will remain the same with all).
~Copy Fleur and Paste, resize 50%, add DS.
~Copy Doodle and Paste, resize 70%, place under flowers, add DS.
~Copy FoldedandCurledRibbon3 and Paste, resize 70%, add DS. Use my Tag for placement.
~Copy Butterfly2 and Paste, resize 50%. Place over Flowers, add DS.
~Copy Heart CircleBling and Paste, resize 60%, add DS. Move this under the Frame.
~Using Magic Wand, Click inside the Frame. Selections>Modify>Expand 6.
~Copy CookiePoser2 and Paste. Selections>Invert, delete. Add DS to poser and frame. Make sure poser is under frame.
~Open Poser1, using Selections Tool , set on Point to Point. Select just the poser. Copy, Ctrl + D.
~Paste and Resize 70%. Place on top Left of Frame, Add DS.
~Using Selections tool again. Go around the copyright. Copy and Paste on tag, resize 130%.
~Add Your Name and Copyright info. Crop.
~If not Animating, resize 400 x 400 and save as .png
§ Animation §
~Copy Merged take to AS and Paste as a New Animation.
~Back in PSP X out Mask1 and Un X Mask2, Copy Merged.
~Take to AS and Paste After Current Frame.
~Ctrl + A, Animation>Frame Properties>30.
~Animate, resize 60% or 400x400 .
Save as .gif
Thank You for Trying my Tutorial.