Monday, November 2, 2009

Forever Autumn

I wrote this Tutorial on Oct. 31, 2009. This is my own Creation, using a scrap kit by Classie Creations. Please do not copy this tutorial in anyway. Thank You.
Supplies Needed:
♦ PSP, I am using V.9 (any newer version will do)
♦PTU scrap kit by Classie Creations called Samhain (full Size) HERE
♦Tube of Choice. I am using the beautiful Artwork of ©Joel Adams (do not use without purchasing a license) HERE
♦FTU Template by Vix. Template set 21-25 HERE
♦FTU Mask, I will supply (if this is your creation please let me know so I can give proper credit) HERE
This tutorial is written with the assumption, you have a working knowledge of PSP.
>Open Temp, delete copyright and chande the canvas size to 800x800.
>On background layer un-x and floodfill with white.
>Copy paper6 and Paste as a New Layer, above the background layer.
>Add Maski WynterMask1903087, Merge Group and resize 80%, Add Drop shadow.
V3, H-3, O 49.00, B 10.00
>Delete both leaves layer.
>Go to your frame fill layer and copy paper7. Go to Selections> Select All> Float> Defloat. Paste your paper as a New Layer, resize 70%. Selections> Invert, delete. Selections>None. Add Drop Shadow. Delete frame fill layer.
>On Frame Fill Sides. Selections>Select All> Float> Defloat. Copy paper1 and Paste as a New Layer. Selections> Invert, delete. Selections> None. Add Drop shadow.
Delete frame fill sides.
>On Autumn Word Art. Selections>Select All> Float>Defloat, copy paper5 and Paste as a New Layer.
>With Autumn still selected move paper5, above the Autumn Glow layer. Selections> Invert, delete. Selections> None, add drop shadow.
>Drop shadow the word forever & frame layers.
>Add Embellishments of choice, resize if needed. Add drop shadow to each. Use my for example.
>Copy Tube of choice and Paste as a New Layer, resize if needed, add drop shadow.
>Duplicate this layer and resize to a bigger size, then the orginal.
>Move below Raster 2 layer
>On Raster 3 layer, Selections> Select All> Float>Defloat. Selections> Invert, Delete. Change this fromnoraml to Hard Light in layer palette. Add Drop shadow.
>Add name & copyright info.
>Crop and Resize to 400x400 px.
>Merge Visible
>Save as .png
Viola Your Done,
Thank You for trying my tutorial.