Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sugar Lips

This tutorial was written on March 31, 2010. This is my own creation using kit Pink Lemonade by Tasmin McAtee Studios. Please do not opy in any way.

§ Supplies Needed §

♦PSP 9 any version will do

♦Template 112 by Beth @ Blissyfully Beth HERE

♦PTU kit by Tasmin McAtee Studios HERE

♦Font Used ScarlettRibbons

♦Gradient Glow by Alien Skin

§ Lesson §

~Open Template, dupliate, close orginial. Delete copyright.

~Raster 1 change Opacity to 100 and floodfill white.

~Blue rectangle Selections>Select All> Float>Defloat.

~Copy paper 3 and paste, resize 80%. Selections>Invert, delet. Ctrl + D, delete blue rect.

~On the black frame rect, blue frame, Pink square, white frame. Do the Same as above.

Changing paper and adding DS of Choice to the frames (Black, Blue and White).

~On Word art, using magice wand click inside every other letter, starting with S.

~Copy paper3 and paste. Selections> Invert, delete.

~Back on wod art, click inside every other letter strating with U.

~Copy Paper 2 and paste. Selections>Invert, delete, add DS.

~Merge those 2 layers together.

~On Square, Selections>Select All>Float, Defloat.

~Copy poser Lemondrop3 and Paste, resize 70%. Selections>Invert, delete.

~Duplicate this layer.

~On orginal Adjust> blur> gaussian blur 20.00

~On duplicated layer hange blend mode to Luminance (L).

~Copy Poser lemondrop and paste resize 60%, add DS.

~Add other elements of choice.

~Add name, copy right info, crop, resize 394 x 323 px. and save as .png