Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Fun

I wrote this Tutorial on May 23rd, 2009. This is my own creation. Any resemblence is only coincidental. Please do not copy this tutorial in anyway.

Supplies Needed:
♦PSP I am using V.9 (but any newer version will do)
♦FTU Scrap Kit called Summer Party by Jessica at Scraps by Jessica HERE
♦FTU Plugin MuRa's Copies 1.3 HERE
♦I am suppling the FTU tube by ©Chester Ocampo (Please Credit Tag with copyright, that is on the tube) and the FTU Mask (I found this mask on the web, if it belongs to you please e-mail me so I can give proper credit) HERE

All Settings will remain the same, unless otherwise stated. This Tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.

On to the Lesson:

Open a New Image 600x600 pixels, Transparent, floodfill White. Rename Background.

Choose paper 8, Edit> Copy and Paste as New Layer, resize 80%.

Add Mask, Layers> Load/Save Mask> Load Mask from Disk> with settings below:

Merge Group. Rename Mask.

Add Drop Shadow, Effects> Dropshadow, with the settings below to the Mask Layer.

Edit> Copy Glitter 1 & 2 and Paste as New Layer. Merge together.

Edit> Copy sequinflower 5 from kit and Paste as a New Layer. Resize 50%, Adjust> Sharpeness> Sharpen.

Add MuRa's Copies. Effects> Plugins> MuRa's Copies. With settings below.

Add Drop Shadow, Effects> Dropshadow, to the incircled sequin flower, with the settings below (these settings will continue to be used for all other Drop Shadows)

Edit> Copy Sun Frame and Paste as a New Layer. Add Drop Shadow. Rename frame.

Edit> Copy Tube and Paste as a New Layer, Resize 70%, positon tube slighty to the left. Now we are going to erase the bottom of the tube, so it is under the frame. To do this, select your Selection tool (the lasso), using the freehand selection go around the bottom, like showing in the screenshot below.

Hit Delete, Selections> Select None.

Duplicate your tube, move the duplicate under your frame. Go back to the original tube and use eraser tool and erase everything on top of the frame. Now your tube appears under the frame. Add Dropshadow to the duplicated tube.

Your Layer Palette should now, look like the one below.

Edt> Copy Flowers and Paste as New Layer, resize 70%, position at the bottom of frame, add dropshadow.

Edit> Copy butterfly and Paste as New Layer, resize 40%. Add Drop Shadow, Effects> Dropshadow. Rotate butterfly, Image> Rotate> Free Rotate with settings below:

Position over the flowers to the right.

Edit> Copy the Beads and Paste as a New Layer, under the butterfly. Add Dropshadow, Effect> Dropshadow.

Add copyright and Name, merge and crop off ezcess background. Resize 400x400 pixels. Save as .png and thats it your done.

Thank You for Trying my Tutorial